Specialized services in mold making, castings, and prototyping, as well as selling materials for molding making or castings through online store for individuals and companies.

We offer companies and individuals the possibility to mold and make castings of anything they want to. The possibilities are endless!

Need a Mold or Casting Made? What material should I use for my project?
Silicone, urethane resins, epoxy, alginate, pouring and expanding foams, sealers, release agents. Industrial molds, special effects, food safe molds, soap and candle making, sculptures and architecture.
Starter kits

Different kinds of starter kits for mold making and castings. Great way to learn the basics

Your hands

Hand kits

Includes everything you need to make a mold of a hand. Step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process making it easy and fun to make a lifecast of anyone’s hand!

Basics of mold making

Where to begin?

An introduction to basic techniques essential for beginners for successful moldmaking.


Need inspiration for your project?

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How to make bottle prop mold. Ideal for FX and prop making.

How to do a head mold. Ideal for FX and prop making.

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